I might be a little late to the party with this review as Necromunda Underhive has been around for quite a while now, but i have been meaning to write a review of the game for a long time so here it is.

This review will only cover Necromunda Underhive and not any of the Gang War expansions as we have yet to play the Gang War expansions extensively at my local gaming group due to a couple of reasons, with one of the main ones being we are having so much fun playing the Zone Mortalis version of the game.

The Necromunda Underhive box set is amazing value for money and comes with everything you will need to get started playing, including:

  • Necromunda Underhive – Rulebook
  • 2 x Quick Reference Sheets
  • 10 x Escher Models
  • 10 x Goliath Models
  • 9 x Unique, Double Sided Tiles
  • 2 x Frames Of Scenery
  • Game Tokens
  • Dice & Templates
  • 12″ Clear Ruler
  • 20 x Generic Tactics Cards
  • 4 x Escher Tactics Cards
  • 4 x Goliath Tactics Cards
  • 10 x Escher Gang Profile Cards
  • 10 x Goliath Gang Profile Cards
  • 22 x Blank Profile Cards

This is brilliant value and i highly recommend buying it if you are wanting to start playing Necromunda Underhive. Everything feels well made and good quality and i have experienced no issues with any of the card-stock used for the tiles and cards however i have seen reports of the tiles warping while in storage so i would be careful where you keep them.

The rulebook is a bit of a mixed bag, on the one hand it is a good quality, well made book and the fluff and most of the rules included are solid but there are some major problems with it also. There is no index so finding things can be a pain and is only made worse by the addition of other Gang War expansion books. In places it is very poorly edited and proof read with sentences being repeated and other mistakes requiring FAQ’s dotted around the book.

Both the gangs look brilliant and can be made up in a variety of combinations so you can create your own gang instead of following the instructions for the pre-made gangs if you wish. The included scenery ranges from bulkheads and doors to loot crates and terminals and is pretty detailed and the same quality you would expect from any GW product.

The game is a lot of fun to play and a little different in certain areas to the previous versions of the game but is a better game in my opinion with the alterations they have made. I love the alternate activation mechanic and how it keeps everyone engaged and thinking. The priority roll at the start of every turn can really change the tide of a battle when coupled with tactical group activation’s and has saved my hide a fair few times now.

Playing on the tiles instead of with a normal table and scenery was a new experience for me and is thoroughly enjoyable. I was skeptical when i first heard about the tiles but the core rules are the same for both versions of the game with the only real difference being LOS and the rules to deal with the extra movement possibilities opened up by playing on 3D terrain.

The campaign system for Necromunda Underhive is a little shallow and seems more of an afterthought than anything else which is a little disappointing, however the Gang War book addresses this with it’s own dedicated campaign system for use with the 3D Sector Mechanicus version of the game. There is no interaction between the 2 game modes which i find odd and the game does seem rushed in a few places (proof reading springs to mind) but it is still a solid game and in my opinion well worth anyone’s money.

A Gang War review will follow in the future once i have a campaign or 2 under my belt so keep your eyes out for that.

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