LATEST – Version 0.6 is now available. All changes are listed in the Changelog at the end of the document.
There was a BOLS article a while ago which referenced GW saying you could theoretically drop in the gangs from Necromunda and use them in Shadow War. I have been thinking about it ever since and today i finally managed to get some stuff on to paper.

If anyone could provide any feedback i would love to hear it. I have tried to change as little as possible and didn’t need to change much overall.

The purpose of these rules is to allow you to play as a Hive Gang in your games of Shadow War : Armageddon. Below you can see a few notes regarding how the rules have been constructed.

  • Most of the content in this document comes directly from the ORB version of Necromunda. It is only replicated here to keep books/paperwork to a minimum.
  • I have not included any content from the ORB version of Outlanders yet, i plan to in the future as long as time permits.
  • I have only included the profiles/stats for weapons and equipment which are not available in SW:A in this document.
  • All stats and profiles come from the ORB version of Necromunda unless the same weapon/equipment is available in SW:A with different stats/profile. If this is the case then the stats/profile from SW:A have been used.
  • All costs are from the ORB version of Necromunda. There are some differences with the same weapon in SW:A – i have kept them this way to represent the varying accessibility of weapons on a war torn hive planet.
  • Hive Gangs don’t have access to sights and other miscellaneous equipment that are not listed below. I have listed the equipment available from the ORB Necromunda recruitment phase only. This is to help balance the access to heavy weapons that hive gangs have.
  • All skill tables have been swapped with their equivalent skill table in SW:A with the exception that Techno has been replaced by Guerilla.
  • All gang names are from Necromunda until i can replace them with appropriate alternate names.

If you would like to help contribute to the development of these rules or even if you just notice a mistake please post below and join in the discussion. Alternatively you can comment and make suggestions on the WIP document by following the link below.

WIP Document –
Finished Document –

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