ChillCon 2017

Today i went to ChillCon 2017 with my brother and the kids, we had a great day out and got to play some awesome games as well as meet some amazing people and getting to look at all the goodies on offer. There was a lot on show at Chillcon and unfortunately i didn’t take any photos but my brother did get a few throughout the day which you can see below.

There was a Kings Of War tournament as well as a Bolt Action one on at the event among lots of different participation games ranging from Alien Versus Predator to Guild Ball and something called Horizon Wars which we will get into a bit more later. We got a good look at some cool games before we headed to the traders area to see what goodies we could find.

There were some great minis on offer from all the traders and even a cool little cupcake game which the kids happily took part in. They each picked a cupcake for a Titan to shoot at and then rolled 2D6 along with a scatter dice to see if they had hit anything. William unfortunately missed and got a chocolate lolly instead but Victoria rather luckily scattered 11″ and managed to hit another cupcake !

After we had finished looking at all the minis in the traders area we headed back to try to catch a go in one of the participation games. We got lucky and got the last game of Horizon Wars which was a hard-fought battle between 4 mechs which Victoria won luckily (again) in the end by just 1 turn. Victoria got a mech from the guys running the game for winning which looked pretty cool and i can’t wait to see it painted up.

The best part of the day for me was meeting the one and only Gav Thorpe, we had a little chat about his new game Big Stompy Robots and Inquisitor and i also (cheekily) got him to sign my old Inquisitor rule book. Everybody had lots of fun and it was a very kid friendly event, we all can’t wait to go again next year !

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  1. Helllo from all of us at ChillCon. Thank you very much indeed for all your nice comments. We’re really glad you enjoyed the convention. We look forward to seeing you at ChillCon ’18. :o)

    1. It was awesome, thanks for the great day out !

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